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About WW


The Western Wire Alliance was formed in 1993, incorporating manufacturing and assembly plants from several countries & continents.

The Western Wire major lines of activity are related to passive components, including wire & cable, complete LAN cabling systems, wiring harnesses and patch cords, connecting hardware, wiring cabinets, terminating and testing tools and more.

The Western Wire Alliance has always effectively managed its human and material resources in order to guaranty on time delivery of quality products that meet current market needs, and also be ready for the future requirements of the industries it serves. This philosophy has significantly expanded The Western Wire role from a single assembly house for electric power cords (back in 1938), to a dominant force in supplying a variety of cable, connecting hardware and a wide range of other passive components. 

The Western Wire Alliance is geared to custom-design and supply a most extensive wire & cable program including power cables (medium and low voltage), copper telephone cables (indoor, outdoor, aerial and underground), fiberoptic singlemode telephone cables, local area network cables (both copper and fiberoptic bulk cables and terminated patch cords), high frequency coaxial cables (a complete range of RG types, CATV and DBS), primary wires, electronic cables, control cables and much more.


The progress of Western Wire during the past few years is reflected in the constantly broadening scope of products we offer to our customers. Not only can we meet your standard and custom cabling needs for today's uses but we also have the technical resources and applications expertise to help you plan for the future.  


The Western Wire Alliance has a global strategy promoting international production, procurement and technology transfers. 

Western Wire products are designed and manufactured under strict ISO registration guidelines and our own stringent quality control standards. In addition to technology, the recognized success of Western Wire can be attributed to superior service and the highest quality standards.   


Passive components. Active people.

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